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First (Virgin ) Blogpost

November 14, 2012
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I am excited and humbled as I attempt to begin to blog as an artist. For almost one year, I have been blessed with the opportunity to immerse myself in the joy of creation.  Although I have always enjoyed  making/altering/re-purposing and/or creating images, clothing, and uncategorized items, for the last year I have had the privilege of blissfully  throwing  myself into the local art scene and have been fortunate to befriend a number of exceptionally smart, caring, and artistic men and women.

I am still uncomfortable referring to myself as an “artist”, but if you were to examine the art supplies, E Bay invoices, and piles of foiled and finished images that I have painted over the last several months,  you would probably give me  me credit for effort 🙂

Over the last few months, I have been compelled to pull together many loose ends and finish and frame a number of unfinished paintings for “open studios”, which are the days when the studios (150 studios and still growing) in  the 122 Western Ave building in Lowell are open for the public to wander, browse and visit.  I was very thankful for the visitors and friends who stopped by to see me in my studio (326) to chat and hang out with me and my studio mates. I was thrilled to sell some of my paintings  and although it is nice to defray studio costs with some sales,  the most fulfilling reward is knowing that somebody wants to display my work in their home.

I would especially like to thank Paula Mingolelli for her friendship and continued  encouragement and guidance as an artist

I would also like to thank my son Jake (aka Jacobus and/or Redlist) for his talent and limitless generosity in creating my website.

Thanks for reading my random thoughts!   


Pictured are the men in my life, my son John (19) , husband John (29 ish??) , and son Jake (26) …all creative artists, musicians, and so much more .