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Blanche’s Angel

February 1, 2013
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Greeting Card $4.00

This charming brooch was a gift to my dear grandmother Blanche. As a proud new immigrant to the USA via Elllis Island (she was 16) , she roomed with several of her Lithuanian immigrant frinds and siblings.  As was the case with any of those who came from the “old country” for a new life of freedom, she worked several jobs, one of which  was to clean house for a wealthy family. The Madam of the the household no longer cared for this cracked brooch and gave it to my grandmother.  Lucky me..I still cherish it.

I took this photo several years ago…(long before the luxury of digital photography) and hand colored the brooch with a very thin layer of oil pastels.

What do you think   Not a bad Valentine’s Card….?