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Drama Queen Sunset

December 2, 2012
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Original Sold. Prints are Available.

Some things fall into place so easily, yet others…those expected to be so simple  …become surprisingly stressful and complicated. I have found this to be the same for all experiences in life;  from work, to family, to art (and cooking, baking, gardening, decorating, home improvement, organizing, exercising, traveling… Add to this short list based on your own challenges!!)  Happily, the painting that my friend Roberta liked and purchased last week fell into the “falling into place easily”  concept and was a pleasure to create.

Last winter, I lucked out taking a lovely sunset behind our home and Photoshopped it to dramatize the colors to use as a reference for  a more dramatic and abstract painting . I began with a loose sketch and then painted the brilliant sunset colors on the top third of the painting. THEN… I used a product introduced to me by my friend and Mentor  Paula and her dear sister Wanda…spray webbing. My thought was to use the spray webbing to paint the complex chaos of tiny silhouetted tree branches. I covered the bottom two thirds of the painting and carefully sprayed a few light layers of the web. Worked out fine… So I then went on to complete  foreground with  regular and iridescent acrylic paint. A variety of black, gold ( and some  red) art pens and markers were appropriate tools to draw the trees and stylize the foreground.  Had a blast!


The foprm